All the cool kids.

We performed our hearts out last night at The Forge in Joliet, IL. It was a blast and a confirmation that rock n' roll can never die. The two groups to open the evening, Two Ton Heads and The Radiomen, were outstanding examples of our rocking music scene here in Illinois. 

First, we want to thank everyone at The Forge, FM Entertainment, Qrock 100.7, and Ticketweb for making the show a possibility. We also want to thank the traveling Wayland band. If they wouldn't have come through Joliet, we sure as shit wouldn't have been asked to perform down there. Now that we have, we're looking for MANY more opportunities to rock out for everyone.

Most importantly, this concert was all ages. We played our hearts out for the most kids in attendance during one of our sets, ever. Seeing those little concertgoers, some of them their first concert ever, enjoy live rock music to its fullest, caught our sails and set us on a totally different course. We now understand why we do what we do. 

This is all a means to keep rock music alive and breathing for generations to come. So from our newly filled joyous and purposeful hearts we would like to thank:

The two brothers: Who told us that we were AWESOME, and that "LOUD" is the way Matthew sings. Also, purveyors of the "Fortnight" (Am I spelling this correctly?) style mosh pit.  

The girl in the front row: Who could not stop rocking out. This young lady was most obviously enjoying music far more than any adult in the room.

To any of the other kiddos that were at the show last night, you're the real rock n' roll world shakers.

We'll see you again soon Joliet. Keep it real!

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